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Online auto parts and accessories catalogs

Dealer Direct Parts is a collection of online catalogs where you can shop OEM automobile parts and accessories at discount internet prices. We sell only genuine parts, the car maker’s recommended replacement parts that are engineered and manufactured specifically for your vehicle. All parts are shipped directly to you from an authorized dealership, so you get the same high quality branded OEM parts and accessories that you would find at your local dealership – but at wholesale internet prices. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts offer the greatest assurance of proper fit and function in your vehicle, and are backed by the manufacturer. When you buy on Dealer Direct Parts, you’re buying OEM parts directly from a dealership – so you get the confidence in knowing you’re getting a high quality part from a credible seller.

Our OEM auto parts catalogs and brands

Here are some of the popular vehicle makes where you can shop genuine parts and accessories.

Acura OEM parts catalog

Visit Acura Dealer Direct Parts to shop the full catalog of Acura genuine parts at wholesale prices.

Audi OEM parts catalog

Preserve the performance, safety, and longevity of your Audi vehicle by replacing old parts with genuine OEM Audi parts. Shop our full Audi OEM parts catalog and enjoy wholesale prices and responsiveness from our Audi parts department.  Click here to shop Audi OEM parts for all models.

GMC OEM parts catalog

Our GMC genuine parts catalog is, well, huge. Enjoy discount internet pricing buy shopping online for all your GMC OEM parts needs.  Shop GMC OEM parts catalog.

Honda OEM parts catalog

Need a genuine Honda part at a low price? You’ll be hard pressed to beat the online prices and responsiveness from our Honda Dealer Direct Parts site.  Click here to shop Honda OEM auto parts catalog.

Mazda OEM parts catalog

Mazda owners tend to be passionate about their cars, and love to make them stand-out uniquely to match their personality. When you need a Mazda OEM part, shop our full online catalog of Mazda genuine parts.

Mercedes OEM parts catalog

You bought a Mercedes for a reason, and now you can shop the full Mercedes-Benz OEM parts catalog, parts lists, and assembly illustrations at our online store Mercedes Dealer Direct Parts. Shop and save now on genuine Mercedes-Benz parts and Sprinter parts.

Nissan OEM parts catalog

Shop the full catalog of OEM Nissan parts and get Nissan car, truck, SUV, and crossover parts for less at Nissan Dealer Direct Parts.  Shop Nissan OEM parts catalog for all models.

Subaru OEM parts catalog

Subaru owners are notoriously enthusiastic about their vehicles, so we offer this catalog of Subaru OEM parts for the DIY owner or auto repair shop that seeks genuine Subaru parts at low online prices.  Click this link to shop Subaru OEM parts catalog for all model vehicles.

Toyota OEM parts catalog

Toyota vehicles are famous for their longevity. When properly serviced and maintained, they can go for many hundreds of thousands of miles and countless years. Replacing old parts with genuine Toyota parts can greatly contribute to your vehicles longevity, performance, and safety. Shop our full online catalog of Toyota OEM parts for your car, truck, SUV, or crossover.

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