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Return Tip - For DDP Admins Only
Last Updated: 03/22/2010
Tips on Returning Products within an Order

An easy way to process a returned item is to simply edit the existing order to indicate it's return, and to add the replacement item to the same order, thereby keeping all items related to the order within one area. You can do this by following these easy steps: 

Within Winter '09:

  • Within your Admin Area, navigate to the Orders tab and click on the Overview link in the menu bar.
  • Click on the ID number of the Order you wish to edit.
  • Within the Details section of the order, find the item being returned.
  • Click on the Edit link to edit the line item(s) on your order.
  • In the field under "Inventory Pend" enter the QTY being returned, and Save changes on the order. This will take the amount entered and take that QTY off the Shipped status.
  • If the item is being removed from the order all together, you can edit the QTY to reflect correct product QTY.
  • If you are setting the QTY to 0 to return one product for another, you will also want to check the box under the items table to Remove Items with Qty set to 0.
  • If you are going to be adding a new item to the order to replace the returned item, click the Add link next to the List link.
  • This will open a new section in the order details section where you can add your new product information. The only REQUIRED  field is the product code.
  • Save your changes to add the item to your order.
  • If there is an adjustment to the amount paid by the customer, you can process any credit or additional payment, as appropriate for the change to the order. This is all done in the Payment section at the top of the order detail page.
  • Note that your if you are required to authorize additional funds for an exchange, your customer will need to apply the additional payment amount to their order by logging into their account within your online store.
  • Be sure to unlock the order in question by clicking the lock icon within the order details page. This will insure that the customer can log into their store account and apply additional payments to the order.

Note that if you wish to mark an order as having been returned, your can select the "Returned" or "Partially Returned" label from the Order Status drop down menu at the top of the order details page and click Save Changes.

Optionally, you can also enter comments on the order into public or private Order Comments field within the order's details page.

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