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Live Chat - Installation
Last Updated: 04/02/2010

About Live Chat:

This article will detail how you can configure your Live Chat Premium software. Please note that some of the features listed here are available only for Volusion Live Chat Premium edition.

If you have already installed the Basic version of Live Chat and are upgrading to the Premium version of the software, be sure to uninstall Live Chat and then re-install the software, which you can download here. Note that in this case you will be installing the Basic version of Live Chat but when prompted, enter the ID number for your Live Chat Premium subscription (388123) to activate Live Chat's Premium features.

Ready to Chat:

Once you've finished configuring Live Chat to your specifications, click on the Go Chat link within the Settings page to return to the program's main administration page and you can being using Live Chat to connect with visitors to your site.

Sending Transcripts to Customers:

While engaged in a chat session with a customer or visitor to your web site, you can configure Live Chat to e-mail the customer/visitor a transcript of the chat conversation you are conducting with them. To do so, enter the e-mail address of the individual you are chatting with in the text box provided in the right-hand navigation area and check the E-mail Transcript option below.

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